Beyond the tipping point

Published by on oktober 18, 2009 at 11:30 f m

When I started to write about “the fall of PR” I was nearly alone. Today there is soon over 500 000 hits on Google. The point is now what I call “beyond the tipping point.” In other words when a story has spread enough it will has its own life. Here is an blog post : “Is the PR Business Extinct? Yes.”

70% of today’s PR firms with their traditional public relations and communications business structures will not survive the fast-approaching social media avalanche.
CEO Fuat Kircaali, SYS-CON Media (Former executive at IBM and AT&T)

Other bloggers opinion is even stronger, there saying that 2009 is the last year the PR industry will be as power full as it is today. I will not take it that fare, but the tipping point has no limits. For the PR industry I think it’s time to change and adapt before the IT industry starts to take over their business as Mr Fuat points out.