Lecture: Power to the people

Published by on oktober 16, 2008 at 12:06 f m

I did hold a lecture today in Oslo, at the Store Annonsørdagen, for the ANFO Advertising organization. The topic for the day was change. My topic for my lecture was “Power to the people.” Short version of the lecture: Adopt and change (fast). Making consumer power work for your brand. How smart marketers benefit from the energy of the consumer.

There were a lot of good speakers, one from Google. He had a lot of good points but I can’t understand why Google needs to sell their message? We are buying it anyway. Speaker Mirage Islam, Contributing editor, Contagious Magazine. Did show cool cases, and a lot of good points to the picture of what’s happening online.

Christophe Cauvy, Regional Digital Director, EMEA McCann Worldgroup gave us an advertising perspective on consumer focusing. Good cases and an intellectual view on where communication can be develop into.