Adidas encourage originality

Published by on mars 25, 2008 at 8:18 f m

 The world of adidas Originals 2008  Adidas is a brand that lead not follows the evolution of branding. They understand that the ongoing consumer revolution change the sport of branding. Checkout

In 2008, adidas Originals inspires and enables consumers with stories of authenticity, creativity and individuality from the special part of the world in which the Trefoil lives. In the ’70s, a globe was used as a visual device to bring to life the vast array of different sports catered for by adidas. As our open and positive attitude transcends sport and style, we reintroduce the globe to show that adidas Originals unconditionally provides products for a multitude of lifestyle consumers. A handful of examples demonstrate the richness and diversity of the brand and its consumers. Making up the world of Originals, these special stories prove that adidas Originals and all those wearing it truly Celebrate Originality.