Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer

Published by on januari 9, 2007 at 4:56 e m

It feels like the consumer power topic is so hot that it burns. Now when even the most prestigious advertising magazine puts the consumer on top of food chain for today’s agencies: Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer

“Of course, consumers aren’t agencies, but they have become arguably the most effective creators and distributors of commercial content.” By Jonah Bloom, editor, Ad Age. Article: How and Why We Picked the Consumer as Agency of the Year (subscribe)

I remember when I 2005 shock some advertisers in Brussels saying: Stop hunting consumers & start to involve them. Today they will listen more if they like to enjoy the amore of great advertising and be a successful agency.

“The question for 2007 will be whether marketers and agencies find ways to harness that consumer-bred creativity — so unpolished and unaccountable — and deploy it in the service of brands.” By Matthew Creamer, Article: Ad Age Agency of the Year: The Consumer (subscribe)

How will you work with the best agency of the year?