Corporate culture increases home blindness

Published by on juni 12, 2017

Corporate culture increases home blindness.

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AI is today’s bicycle

Published by on juni 4, 2017

AI is today’s bicycle

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Don’t miss ServiceDesk Forum 30-31 May

Published by on maj 29, 2017

A full-featured program with p. A Dr. Nicola J. Millard, Head of Customer Insight & Futures, BT Global Services Innovation Team, Kenth Åkerman, 150 participants and our Stefan Engeseth as moderator.

There are still some tickets left for fast movers at Insightevents.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 24 May 2017

Published by on maj 24, 2017

1. Flow is expanding time

2. Culture is a coping medicine

3. Survivalism, the practice of preparing for a crackup of civilization

4. Video: Why don’t you become your hero? Marshall Goldsmith

5. Homo sapiens acceptance is the biggest challenge for robotics

6. Sharkonomics lecture for the construction industry: ‘How to become an IT shark!’

7. Digital sharks will attack: the eight-trillion-dollar construction industry

8. An idea that can increse US tourism with 30-50%

9. AppleCurrency with Steve Jobs on the coin

10. At first the Earth was totally flat, then round and now it’s completely upside down

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Digitize more and become a shark in the construction industry

Published by on maj 23, 2017

The construction industry is currently undergoing major changes and is currently browsing the digitization wave that sweeps across our society in a hurry. (Google Translate).

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Culture is a coping medicine

Published by on maj 22, 2017

Culture is a coping medicine.

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Bite into this: Sharkonomics’ Top 10 digital tips

Published by on maj 19, 2017

Gleaned from a current Sharkonomics lecture series, here are Stefans’s top 10 tips on how to swim faster into the future.  

Best received was point nr. 7!

1. What and who is in the water?
2. Take many small bites. What tastes best?
3. Increase your digital skills.
4. Employ people outside your industry.
5. Create a corporate culture that is curious about change.
6. Do not deny risk. No one is invulnerable.
7. Stay hungry and never be satisfied.
8. Attitude is more important than technology.
9. Bite into and embrace the future.
10. Dare to fail!

Which of these are most important to you?

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Flow is expanding time

Published by on maj 17, 2017

Flow is expanding time.
Prof. Mihály Csíkszentmihály

This is not a qoate it’s my interpretation of his great speech at Karolinska.

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Conservatism’s usefulness in the construction and real estate industry

Published by on maj 11, 2017

Conservatism’s usefulness in the construction and real estate industry.
Press clip / chronicle in Byggvärlden / Construction world by Stefan Engeseth (Google translate).

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Homo sapiens acceptance is the biggest challenge for robotics

Published by on maj 8, 2017

Homo sapiens acceptance is the biggest challenge for robotics.

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