Zazzle into ONE new business

Published by on juli 19, 2006 at 10:04 f m

When I was searching for the word debrief on Google, I found an online dictionary with a good hit. It was not the greatest dictionary I seen, but it had a cool service. In my search it created a unique t-shirt with the word I search for and the answer on it. The behind this ONE concept of the companie is co-fonder is Jeff J. Beaver and he says, “We’re creating a whole new way for people to express themselves” in Forbes.

ONE their site: “As a contributor, you can customize your own gallery and showcase your latest products. Each time someone buys a product you created, you will earn up to 17% …” It sounds good and I hope it is, community site for consumers.

Its pretty cool that closeness means more profit for both the company and the consumers. We need more ONE case like this in the word. We have to see how it goes for the Zazzle in new business.
Do you know of creative ONE cases to checkout?

Update 20 July:
Seth Godin is today pointing out how a cool Huckabuck search interface can work as a “graphic equalizers.” Read more on his blog post: “Search, very loud.” I think the case above could be a good connection to what they do with the equalizers – I mean Zazzle got me dance from my first search on Google to doing business – and that’s even more than cool.