Yes Eric Schmidt will build Google City Downtown in Toronto

Published by on oktober 27, 2017 at 2:36 e m

2006/2007 I started to blogg about my vision to build a city called Google Downtown.
2008 500 people laughed when I asked if Google could build a city? Then was in the audience at Sime Helsinki.
2009 I met Google’s Global CEO, Eric Schmidt he did not laugh. Eric, is a brilliant thinker.

Will Google, CEO, Eric Schmidt, build Google Downtown?, 2009

Google is building a city., 19 October 2017

Google’s plan to revolutionise cities…
The Observer, 22 October 2017

Google firm teams up with Toronto for North America’s ‘largest smart city’., 24 October 2017

2017 I will be the Keynote speaker in the same location as when I asked the question back in 2008.

Congratulations to Erik and his team! One day I hope to walk in the Google city (soon I hope).

Thanks to my sharp friend Ann-Marie Rosendahl for sending the links above.