World premier for passion CEO and the ConsumerPowerday

Published by on mars 29, 2007 at 5:21 e m

Yesterday was world premier for the ConsumerPowerday. I was on of the speakers and the moderator. There were good speakers from Volvo, ICA, EON, Telgeenergi, Lunarstorm, PriceWaterHouseCoopers etc and a great audience. The seminar was it first ever and was arranged by an outstanding project leader: Stefan Broman. He and I has been planning and talking about this seminar for a year. The background is based on that consumers are missing from top management. A especially I miss passionate CEOs. It did start with this blog post: “Competition: Find a CEO with a company tattoo and win ONE for your self!” And the answers were no good. So for this seminar we did make it to a competition togheter with the prestigious business magazine “Business world” (Affärs världen) of “The most passionate CEO” (in Sweden but it is probably the fist competition in the world so the winner is nr in the world). Television and reporters where at the seminar to meet the winner Calill Oqvist, CEO, Light My Fire. She ended up in different Swedish business media like DI/DiTv, Supermarket etc. We did work with Re:Public Relations to get the message out and it did go al the way out.

The winners with passionate CEOs is consumers to Light My Fire. Volvo did deliver the message between result and working close to consumers. 70% of the consumers how customizes their Volvo online end up buying it!!!!! To summit up: Money talks where passion walks!