Will Linux make computers soon?

Published by on oktober 11, 2005 at 12:39 e m

There is a demand for a new player on the computer market. Today’s big computer brands are having big groups of unsatisfied consumers. Who will take the open source position and deliver costumer satisfaction? The new brands DNA most be ONE with there consumers. Demand will provide costumers with a new player, who will it be? It could be Linux building computers. The Linux fans are constant adapting and developing their software to next level working in an open source. They also are consumers of millions of computers! Why don’t make their ONE computer with their brand on it?
“Linux – computer” could be build total transparent and open with no lock so everybody could develop them. Al the computers could be connected in an open source learning system where the best solutions are ranked in different categories.
The founder of Linux: Linus Torvalds could be the perfect leader with an image and personality that is loved by millions of Linux fans.
Demand means billons of dollar for the first right player to deliver what costumers want! The question is how it will be and how soon?
What do you think?