Why WikiLeaks will get the Nobel Prize

Published by on december 8, 2010 at 5:56 e m

No idea to describe what WikiLeaks is or does. Instead I like to explain why I think WikiLeaks will get the Nobel Prize.
I think they could be as important as Napster was for the music industry. First the music industry complained and did not want to change anything. But now, after a long painful lesson, they finally have adapted into new formats as Spotify and other solutions.
To compare the music industry with the USA may sound disrespectful. But for decades USA has got the rest of the world to dance to their hit music and “hit” politics.
WikiLeaks will be the best ever change management tool for the world. Why? Because they will change USA which is the same as changing the world.
In a transparent world economic interest and politics grow together. Big business has become politics. The effect will be that politics and business need to change and therefore I think WikiLeaks will get the Nobel Prize in peace and economic category.