Why Taiwan should swim with Sharkonomics

Published by on mars 9, 2017 at 10:46 f m

The Government of Taiwan is trying to build their own Silicon Valley, which is not a bad idea since Taiwan has its own IT sharks, such as HTC, TCMC, Foxconn, Asustek, Pegatron and Acer. These companies are big and strong, but in my opinion, their own brands often seem to fall in the shadows of their clients to which they are subcontractors to (e.g. the relationship between Foxconn and Apple).

The companies mentioned above, and many more, have been brought up in their own Taiwanese lagoon. Some of them are already big players in the global market while others are still swimming the lagoon and waiting for their opportunity to swim out and take a bite into the global market.

What these companies need, and what the Taiwanese government is trying to accomplish, is to show their own dorsal fin above the surface and move towards a more innovative way of working, which would help strengthen their brands and make them less vulnerable as subcontractors, as they grow more independent.

I hope that my book Sharkonomics will soon come out in Taiwan so more companies, such as Pubgame, can leave the lagoon for global waters to feed on.

Source: Article: Here grow Asia’s Silicon Valley, by Per Liljas (3 Mars, 2017).