Why blind people don’t have blind spots

Published by on juli 11, 2009 at 9:30 f m

Why are blind people aware of the soundings more than people how can see? It is more than amazing how they handle everyday life. Why? They don’t have a choice. So they use al there senses to “see” everything around them. We simple don’t aware of how amazing our other senses are before we really need them. To prove this point, here is a one minute workshop? Close your eyes for one minute and listen to everything around you. Soon you will here more than you did before. Why? Because you focus more on listening and don’t relay on what you can see. It is not rocket since, we adjust to the situation. Still when I do this one minutes workshop with top management they always get chocked that it is that simple. Then I ask them to do the same with their corporations. Why? Big corporations don’t listen because they don’t ned to (at least they think so). By training to listen more to what the market are demanding they will minimize their blind spots. Another dimension of the blind spot is to discover what’s in the blind spots (one of our consulting services).