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SharkonimicsI mars släpper Stefan Engeseth sin fjärde bok, Sharkonomics. Stefan har som en del av researchen dykt med vithajar i Sydafrika och på nära håll upplevt att naturen är smartare än dagens företag. Hur smart är du?

Why Sharkonomics?
Nature is much smarter than the likes of Stanford, Harvard, MIT, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain, IBM, Apple and all of the other Fortune 500 companies. In nature, sharks have to move to survive. But in business most market leaders do not, because they are stuck in history and eventually become shark food. Sharks don't perform by producing endless Power Points; they bite into market share. Sharkonomics will reveal how the logos of market leaders will have more bites taken out of them than a seal after a shark picnic.
This book is inspired by Mother Natures sharks which have been around for more than 420 million years and completed numerous strategic moves. It will prepare you to jump into the water and attack the market.
Sharkonomics will reveal where and how to attack companies such as Apple, through some of the enormous blind spots they are unaware of and through mistakes in their defence strategies.

How to attack the market leaders
For many years market leaders hired me to attack their businesses in order to be ahead of potential competitors... Take a bite of my new book at www.sharkonomics.com

Läs mer på www.sharkonomics.com alternativt simma med Sharkonomics på Facebook, Twitter och Flickr . Förboka Sharkonomics på Amazon.co.uk, Adlibris, Bokus mfl.

Utlåtande om Sharkonomics

Stefan Engeseth diving"Genuinely surprising and provocative – Stefan Engeseth has a streak of the evil genius."
David Magliano, Former Director of Marketing, London 2012

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. Walk the line with Sharkonomics if you dare."
Micael Dahlén, Professor, Department of Marketing and Strategy, Stockholm School of Economics

"One thing is certain. The companies that are not constantly moving and developing will sink as shark to the bottom."
Mariann Eriksson, Director of Marketing, World Wide Fund for Nature / WWF

"Stefan Engeseth offers a completely original point of view -- rooted in centuries of natural history -- to address an age-old problem. It is sure to challenge and illuminate how you think about competing in the marketplace."
Kevin Lane Keller, Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

"Stefan Engeseth leaves no one untouched and challenges once again with his new book Sharkonomics."
Jan Fager, CEO, Swedish Marketing Federation

"Stefan Engeseth is brutally inspiring. Sharkonomics will definately rock your boat. Or sink it!"
Jan Morten Drange, CEO, Norwegian Advertisers Association

"Stefan Engeseth gets to the point again. Silent waters as well as markets are most dangerous in these days and we need to be proactive to survive."
Ritva Hanski-Pitk'koski, CEO, Association of Finnish Advertisers

"It is a sheer battleground out there; lots of 'strategies', 'tactics', 'attack plans'... Sharkonomics is not about survival of the fittest, but of the 'misfit' who has a streetwise cunning, coupled with imagination and creativity."
Nilgun Carlson, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Oriflame Cosmetics

"Our ability to adapt will decide if we are predator or prey. Stefan Engeseth is in Sharkonomics teaching us both offense and defense by thinking like a Shark."
Martin Deinoff, Senior Vice President, Creuna

"Sharkonomics is a great companion for anyone in advertising dealing with market leaders and their competition."
Calle Sjoenell, Deputy Chief Creative Officer, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

"This is sharp. For real."
Charlotte Wik, Communications Manager, Odd Molly

"Catch a wave of the groundswell and surf the social web with Sharkonomics! Stefan Engeseth's book will take off and swim by itself."
Martin Lindeskog, blogger and social media evangelist

"It's about time someone took competitive strategy thoughts to the phase of the 21st century. Stefan Engeseth always has new and surprising angles on how companied should create enduring business success."
Carl Wéreus, CEO, DDB Sweden

"Market leaders: Keep moving! Sharkonomics is a brand new view to the global marketplace."
Eirik Hokstad, Chairman of the board, The Norwegian Market society

"Sharkonomics gives you the tools to attack and to survive depending on where you are in the ocean of companies. Terrific and terrifying reading guaranteed."
Jesper Ek, Head of External Affairs, Roche

"Stefan Engeseth never fails to surprise. His logic of taking his inspiration this time from nature with the simple yet poignant question: "How have sharks survived for millions of years?" has yielded a business book with teeth, and some pearly whites of wisdom."
Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates. Director, the Medinge Group

Fler utlåtanden hittar du på www.sharkonomics.com.
– 2012 Stefan Engeseth.
Citera görna, men ange källan: www.sharkonomics.com.

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