Transparent cloths by Google, Nudie and Al Gore

Published by on oktober 12, 2007 at 7:59 f m

post_photo.jpeg The IT industry is often more open for new ideas than thefashion industry. If not H&M goes green and then Al Gore could work with an IT companies. Lets say that wants to communicate that they are delivering a transparent world. They can with the help of Al Gores and fashion designers produce social responsible and sustainable fashion. The clothes can be total transparent, a lot of people do want to make a statement and by standing naked they will do so. The catwalk with a “naked” Al Gore would buildup global press cover. Consumer can choose what level of nudity they like to have, ore what level of statement they like to make. One of the points with this is the modern tribe tribute to nature. To connect the clothes with Internet gives a lot of opportunities. Why not build in different links in the clothes so it will be connected to Google and the producers of the clothes…
For the Swedish brand Nudie Jeans would transparent clothes mean the “real nudie” deal. They are already taken responsibly with their organic denim. But with Al Gore on the catwalk they will walk there brand around the globe faster.

Nudie is the ”naked truth about denim”. Denim has the ability to age beautifully – formed by its user into a second skin, naked and personal.

For the tattoo culture it would get a global new audience (even in could places, can they show there work in town). For pickpockets it would mean more effective workflow (well, Al is a smart dude and for chore his designers can find a solution for that small problem). For some countries it would mean a culture crash to be naked, but aren’t we al born that way?
Now when nature needs to step back to survive – we al can become role models to – Re born the earth again! A sign that this idea isn’t too creasy is the photographer Spencer Tunick with his fantastic art photos of naked crowds (se above photo). If you like to sign up for his photos, just fill in your contact information and skin color here