The world becomes smaller at Globe Forum

Published by on april 27, 2010 at 7:16 f m

Smaller because more or less, people from the whole world are participating. When people from around the world meet like this with a common goal a lot of energy is focused. The clear and well motivated goal of Globe Forum is to “Save the planet with sustainable solutions”. Most green seminars are more or less geek parties, but not this one. One of the reasons are speakers like chief Oren R. Lyons. To create something as bold as the Globe Forum there must be a strong and result oriented leader heading the way.

Globe Forum founder and CEO, Johan Gorecki, is worth respect and credibility for his work. Over the years the Globe Forum has awarded sustainable innovations by the Globe Award. Now the winner of this year’s award for the most sustainable city, Curitiba in Brazil, is beaming over winning the “prèmio nobel verde”.