The Inventions of Super Women

Published by on oktober 2, 2006 at 11:01 f m

Sadly most technical innovations are focusing on men, but it not always the one writing the history that makes history. This Friday I got went to the exhibition The Inventions of Women.

The Super Woman that I did go with is only 87 years young and full of innovation energy. Her name is Elisabeth Linderoth and you will maybe see here soon on MTV.

My mentor Claes Andreasson could not go to this exhibition so I did go with this super woman and did see a lot of woman innovation that will change life for many consumers.

Super Woman creates headlines worth millions of … purses
The 72nd International Car Show in Geneva broke with tradition by finally acknowledging women. After years of more or less completely ignoring them, Volvo introduced a concept car designed entirely by and for women. From start to finish the car was based on the ideas, experiences, and values of women both professional car designers and non-professional customers. Volvo’s car instantly generated millions of dollars of PR and will probably open the purses of millions of women when the car comes to local car dealerships. That such a simple idea could be so successful is proof of the power of letting the consumer
participate in making new products from the beginning. In the auto industry and many others, there is a need to let the customer build his or her own car, not on the standard website where you pick engine, transmission, and options, but much earlier in the process. The idea is to integrate the customer and begin
the buy process much earlier.

In parts of Asia, women have started using “right-handed wedding rings” to show that they are successful, unmarried, and enjoying their freedom. These sorts of symbols spread quickly. Jewelers have been quick to see rings on the water for their businesses. But what does this trend mean for carmakers, for example? Just as a number of socio-economic factors made SUVs a major trend, so will the Asian single woman create a wave of convertibles. Convertibles are about as impractical as SUVs, yet they both make strong statements.
The convertible says “I’m single and don’t need a lot of space for a family. I can afford not to be practical.” The convertible can become the “right-handed ring” for both men and women, a sort of signal flare for singles. This sort of trend would help the auto industry lift driving from transportation that is more or less comfortable to pure entertainment and a passionate hobby.

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