The Floor is Upside Down

Published by on februari 18, 2007 at 9:38 e m

Look down at the floor. Can you tell what brand it is? The difference between a name brand anda copy can only be seen on the underside where manufacturers usually put their logos. Off-brand copies are so good today that the name brands’ marketing only serves to open the market for the competition. The consumer is only concernedwith visible quality, which is often invisible. The floor only has to look like the name brand. For the name brands to survive, they have to go the extra mile to get noticed. The floor company’s graphic designcan be improved. If the brand is made part of thisdesign, it becomes a more visible part of the product. The brand becomes a spokesman for the product as if the floor were upside down with the logo in plain view. The design of the floor itself is something best left to professionals, but it should be bold and give clear signals as to what floor we’re walking on. The goal is to have floor patterns that are a part of the brand and adapted to the target group the company is trying to reach. The right product series can be launched as a whole new category.