Test driving the next Bond car

Published by on juni 5, 2009 at 9:06 f m

Yesterday I test drove the Tesla Roadster (see picture). The car costs around 100.000 Euro, but then you don’t have to pay anything for petrol, as it’s an electric car. When you are test driving cars in this price level you always have to sign a paper that you are responsible for the car. I didn’t think about that when I sat comfortably in the Roadster. It’s got fantastic acceleration and is at the same time silent like a bicycle. Many men might prefer to hear the sound of a powerful engine, pumping up the adrenaline as a 4-feel Viagra. But be able to hear the birds is not too bad either, it more or less gives you a feeling of flying low.
I met the Tesla team at Globe Forum in Stockholm. I did directly saw this car as the next Bond car. Of course they did not disagree, how could they? But the interesting part is that they knew everything and everyone working with getting the car to become a Bond car. One of the answers were: “We invest in developing the car, and in the movie.”
The Bond movies did not in the beginning offer product placements. Today the product placements have totally taken over the movie. In the latest Bond movie I think the products where playing the leading parts. At the same time sustainability is too much of a geek party. The Tesla people do have good connections and they are having a dialogue with movie makers, so I think it’s only a matter of time before we will se a Tesla car in a top listed movie.
How to make the Tesla car the next Bond car: The whole world knows that our  planet needs help to survive. To do so we need to change our way of living but maybe most of all our values. If Bond is to save the planet he would once again become “real” and relevant in our time. By putting a sustainable product in the movie we can reach all people and not only the few who understands that people has to change. If Bond would drive the Tesla Roadster we could change our perceptions about sustainable products. Bond will be going green and still get a lot of “action”). I personal believe and promise 1 trillion Euro in sponsorship from corporations that would NOT primarily like to be seen in the movie but rather would like to see change happen before the planet says goodbye to mankind. Sponsors will be power companies and others that will profit from changes, and also people like Richard Branson that understands that changes will be needed. Why not let him play one of the parts in the movie, and the financing will be done.
By the way, I did not crash the Tesla car on my test drive, but Mother Earth is soon to be crashed – only a Green Bond can save us…