Superman and Clark Kent is ONE with real time business

Published by on juli 21, 2006 at 9:51 f m

As a small boy I did watch Superman (I still do some times). It is trilling to see how Clark Kent is living a normal life and then at the right time becomes Superman. Today I see that the reason why he always is at the right time is that he works at the editor staff at a newspaper the Daily Planet. They get the news first, that’s why he can be at the right place first – he is ONE with what is happening on the market. How many CEOs are working as Clark Kent? So they can put the right resources at the right place at the right time? Not many, instead they are as far as they can get from the market. Living a CEO life playing golf and not even consuming the product they are trying to sell to the market.

It’s like falling asleep in a taxi and being passed by a commuter train.

What they could do is working with real time business to become ONE. Open up so many channels from the market that the company becomes a newspaper. In this case I mean that the newspaper is nothing without input – the same is for a company.

Real-time business
The products and business concepts that many companies develop on the basis of market studies often fail to relate to the consumer’s real life. Being ONE in the past, the future, and at the moment of consumption is more than ever a competitive advantage. The market is too fast for studies. Companies such as Lego, Disney, and Mattel have gone from five-year development cycles to single-year ones. The younger the target group the shorter the cycle. Many companies have had to learn the cost of inflexibility the hard way, as Sony and Levi’s did. Tomorrow’s consumer will demand a faster pace.
The music and film industries chose to cling to their LP, CD, and DVD format while consumers surfed for free. The issues are complicated and problematic, but by using ONE you will quickly see the potential is much greater than the problems. Now, it seems that these industries are starting to wake up to the profit potential of the web, but not before countless millions have been wasted.
What CEO does work as ONE? How is Superman and Clark Kent in your management team?