Strange CEO put consumers to sleep and rape them

Published by on oktober 29, 2008 at 10:53 f m

For more than a decade ago I did do an interview with a CEO of a growing plastic surgery company. When I called them they had an answer machine that where playing music and saying that we will answer soon. Nothing strange with that, but the music were classic and the female talking with and sensual voice was saying things as: Have you ever been thinking of how beautiful you could look with a new nose? And then back to the classic music. And the again: Ore what about how masculine ore feminine you would look with a new chin? After this I was more ore less shock, is this what it comes down to? What’s next press 1 on the telephone to get a new nose? Anyway they did answer and I when there to meet the CEO, he and every one at there office looked like models. It was a strange feeling to talk about beauty as a business, but it is big business. I did recognize a lot of friends in there before and after reference book. Today is the CEO in prison for raping consumer when he had put them to sleep (before they become beautiful). If I did recognize some of his consumers in the reference book then off course some of his fellow prisoners also has friends how got his treatment. I guess he in prison will learn what privacy really means and that he don’t have to learn the hard way that in prison they don’t put there “fellows” to sleep before standard treatment.