Sims 2 YOUr brand

Published by on juni 19, 2008 at 8:02 f m

When computer gaming get into the big money of product placement it also open up for al brands. But when I talk with experts they say it’s a risk, gaming is not the place we go into to look for an realistic reality.

The Sims 2 – IKEA Home Stuff. Recently news reported that 100 million copies of The Sims (including all expansion packs) have been sold! One of the many add-ons to the popular games was a fashion themed with one of the biggest fashion brand in the world, H&M: The Sims 2 – H&M Fashion Runway. And now they come with the next installment, and once again a collaboration with a huge Swedish export brand, IKEA.

My question is simple this, are today’s brands to boring to be a part of the gaming world? Well most brands are playing it safe, so most of them add not killing applications for gamer’s mode (but they could if they dare to play a wild card: Learn by mistake).