Finland not an IT virgin anymore

Published by on september 19, 2008 at 8:59 f m

At 17 Sept it was the first Sime conference ever in Finland. Most of the Finish people are humble, maybe to humble. But the moderator of the day Ola Ahlvarsson did prove that there are few IT virgins in Finland. This year was focusing on how to get into the big money of advertising and how to be part of the big companies strategies. A lot of discussion was what I would say about the psychology/behavior of the business. Sort of saying that the business now is growing up from the fun wild stage to the stage where it can be more establish and profitable.
There were a lot of great cases and good speakers. The most exotic one was CEO, Mohamed El-Fatatry how has build a Muslim community of 2 million people sharing modern Muslim lifestyle at Thanks to Mohamed for sharing his presentation on this blog, download it here for free. It is a really good showcase how to present business point, both with passion and profit. Hannu Ripatti from did elegant show how to design a strategy (without having to wear a tie). Henrik Torstensson, Head of Business Development did give good business dimensions in how to dress in success. I think Stardoll will do success in Asia.

Sime is always playful and fun. Like this movie that they done to show how the people of an anit-Internet network think: Internot (recommend the movie but not the network…).
Finland is now official not anymore an IT virgin.