ShopWiki vs. Playboy

Published by on december 25, 2006 at 9:33 e m

It close to the concept of Wikipeida but in a shopping version. ShopWiki co-founder Kevin Ryan is one of the Internet chief that’s provide tribes to rise above boring surfing.

ShopWiki is a shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. It is the only shopping search engine that combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki buying guides to help shoppers make the most informed buying decisions.”

Instead of the Playboy girl next door you find your ShopWiki consumer next door.

“User-Generated Video Review functionality and to jump start user contributions is encouraging quality submissions by paying $50 for each of the first 500 videos selected to appear on the site.” Donna Bogatin,

On a transparent market this kind of sites can ad pattern and organization for consumers. What I find interesting with the user generated video review is that consumers don’t try to sell it, they are only telling the story of what’s good and bad with the product. Most adverting doesn’t deliver the consumers voice so consumers can’t trust them. In other words advertisers has a lot to learn from consumers voice. This user-generated shopping site is worth to check out, ShopWiki.