Shen Yun a Chinese controversy show

Published by on mars 21, 2008 at 11:09 f m

Last evening I saw Shen Yun – Chinese Spectacular a show that was my first trip to China. It was unreal, just as I image that a trip to China is going to be. After the show I was interview by national Chinese television and they asked what I thought of the show. My answer: My next girlfriend has to be Chinese!
Seriously this was a great show! But it was stop in Denmark with protest from the Chinese government. The reason is that is partly critical to the Chinese regime and has connections to Falun Gong. In Sweden they did try to stop the show but instead Swedish government and media defended the freedom to express your self. And off course it grow into a sold out success.

The Chinese traditional instrument Erhu, was my favorite. It is nearly painful bountiful and it sounds exactly as traditional Chinese tee taste.
The magic performer this evening was soloistErhuist Xiaochun Qi.