Sharkonomics book tour for the Nordics

Published by on maj 7, 2012 at 3:51 e m

Writing a book is like creating music: you really don’t know how it’s received until it’s played onstage. I am very pleased with the response from the first part of the tour for my new book, Sharkonomics. It started in Denmark with a lecture at The Danish Marketing Association fantastic discussions with the leading marketing professionals in Copenhagen. And with an audience of nearly 200 in Norway at Gulltaggen, I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback by representatives from iconic brands like Google and Spotify.

Here are a few things that people have said about Sharkonomics on tour in the Nordics:

Finally something new and fresh! Straight to the point!
Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe, Industry Manager, Google

Thanks a lot for your book launch speech – and also for the books, Stefan. The spontaneous feedback was more than positive, really exciting!!
Lauri Sipilä, CEO, Finnish Marketing Association

In this video from Gulltaggen, Norway, the audience is in a shark-like frenzy, biting into Sharkonomics. It was amazing to see business people moving like sharks and fighting for my book.

The frenzy over Sharkonomics in Sweden was arranged by The Swedish Marketing Federation.

The Finnish Marketing Association stirred up their own frenzy with Sharkonomics in Finland. Before I went onstage, I was told that there probably wouldn’t be any questions… so I was shocked by how hungry the audience was for Sharkonomics. It was like the content became live “hits” and swam for itself. Experts say that sharks build their self-confidence bite by bite and I’m ready to bite into the business world.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people in the organizations and associations, panelists.
I would also like to thank my sponsors, Reffekt and Smurfit Kappa for purchasing and sharing my books audiences on the tour so Sharkonomics is read and spread by the hungriest audience ever in the Nordic countries.