See the new Zorro movie today for half the price by download the movie illegal

Published by on december 11, 2005 at 1:28 e m

Slite-bio at cinema in Gotland (Sweden). This cinema have lost 40% of the young audiences. In an attempt to get young people to the cinema they are offering them half price on the new film The Legend of Zorro if they have an illegal download with them on DVD. We hope that the police don’t show a 2-year long movie after Zorro.

Wouldn’t you bee a great Zorro?

The business evolution of cinemas has to see that this generation is interactive and cannot be passive for 2 hours. Why not offer an interactive cinema? Why not let the audience act in the movies in front of the big screen?

Maybe the music industry could do the same with concerts? Download the music it and see the band live for half the price…