See Steve Jobs pimp a naked Apple

Published by on januari 10, 2006 at 10:47 e m

Combine car seller with a comedian and you get Steve Jobs on stage. iPod sells without a car seller but the computers still need at least a comedian to motivate the prices and low input from consumers. I miss the creativity and innovative big steps that really build the Apple brand. It is business like in the old management school, where it is bad business to sell a car from the future (then you have nothing to sell tomorrow). I like Apple but instead of showing episodes from desperate housewife they should be desperate for innovation. Consumers buy into the future when we consume a product it means we invest in the future. They have to deliver more than this naked Apple with anything to dress in.

To stress Apple evolution, consumers should
start a competitor brand called Pear.

See Steve Jobs pimp a naked Apple.

Update Jan 11:
The purpose of this post is that Apple needs to speedup their evolution/development of their products. Today Apple doesn’t have any competition in many ways. But if companies like DELL should start to work with strong input from consumers they would discover that the Apple brand is naked.

Update 2 April:
Read Michael Kanellos/ article: If Apple Computer is so great, how come it’s so small?