Secret Service vs. costumer needs

Published by on september 17, 2006 at 9:27 f m

It is a really good name Secret Service for doing Secret Service. The problem is that other companies are doing the same. Offering Secret Service that costumers can’t find. Most big companies have in my experience around 7-25% Secret Services, what I mean with this is that they don’t connect their services with the consumers.
At a time in my work carrier I started to work for a big company. At a meeting around our services they said that we have to stop offering this service to our costumer now. I said why? And they responded no body is buying it! That is so strange I said because as a costumer to this companies I have been asking for this services but never been told that you have it for me to buy. Another reason for why it is secret is often internal politics (some will not promote an good service/product if it makes the “wrong people” heroes). They would do a better job working for the real Secret Service, they are searching for people like that here.
The effect this secret offers is that they cannot develop (adapt) it to the consumers needs. So what did they do? They let go off the product, some years later it shows up at a research that the costumers are asking for it and then they put it on the market with a new name on it.
How many % of your companies are Secret Services?