Release JAlbum 7.0 today – Swedes shows a way to share your clicks

Published by on januari 30, 2007 at 8:27 e m

When I take photos, the more I shot the more I learn. If I share them I learn even more and faster. That’s why I think software’s that provide this opportunity is worth time to checkout. And today JAlbum 7.0 is being released. They partly develop the software in community so it has good chance to adapt and grow with their consumers.

“We want to keep it free! We believe in the popularity and goodwill that comes from providing something good for free.”

Free is a good way to spread the word. They got over 2 million downloads, but the most interesting motivation for register when downloading is: You help to improve our product. Have you ever heard a car seller at Mercedes saying that? They are not maybe the only solutions Flickr and other are out there but Swedes has I history of good innovation so click on.