Relationship currency converts social skills into cash

Published by on oktober 7, 2013 at 9:42 f m

In every industry there are a number of people who are more successful than others, the cause is often credited their skills. Though really builds their success is often just the simple factor that they are the best at relationships within the industry. They have found the formula to convert its currency relative to cash.

These extremely socially gifted people in every city, every industry and has always functioned as a social engine. Before it was in the caves today give social media these people a platform to expand their relationships from hundreds to thousands of friends. As these individuals serves as a Facebook on two legs, affects their relationships economy so much that this value can be compared with a currency, a currency relationship.
Relationships can this value be an industry that is only aimed at bringing relationships into cash. Unethical says many but today, Facebook and other proven that it is possible to make money right relationships – what they all made the connection to the offline world that is far greater than online.
Banks should create an exchange of relationship currency, then companies would be able to invite people who have relationship currency to exchange at various customer events. The people who have 3000 + friends on platforms such as Facebook is more than you think. With a value linked to their social skills, they can together establish a trade. Relationship currency may also suffer inflation that reduced the value of relationships in the value far exceeds the person’s skills, then incompetence make relations vulnerable to more skilled competition. The effect can then lead to the amateur is more competent than the professionals is often the case in social media.
The only question is where currency value should be compared with the Euro and U.S. dollar?