Profit kills patient in Sicko

Published by on augusti 15, 2007 at 12:35 e m

The controversy movie Sicko made by Michael Moore, is now spreading illegal in Sweden The reason is partly political, people that spread DVD copies are says that if we not are voting for the right politicians “we are going to end up as in USA” – so watch the movie and vote right next time.
In the movie Sicko I did see patent getting killed for profit. It is a sweet but scary movie. Sweet in the way it is being told (I do belie there is fare more scary stories to be told about “sick killing profits”).
The film is packed with facts that don’t make Michael “moore” popular in the With House than Bin Ladin. In the film they even show patients that cant pay their bill being thrown out in downtown from a car like junk. It’s like having an ambulance picking them up and a garbage truck to get rid of the ones that cant pay the bill.

In the after credit of the film I did see this massage: “Any American interested in marrying a Canadian for health care can go to:” (take a look at the video clips).

Micheal points out the problem with lies that public relation (PR), puts in our heads. But at the same time he is one of the best PR persons in the world. I think his films are the platform for a good debate and will scare a lot of Swedes voting next time. Ore to use Michaels words in the end of the film: “We swim ore sink together.”