Praise from CEO Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works

Published by on januari 12, 2022 at 12:03 e m

I have told many colleagues that Stefan is by far the most curious adult that I have ever met. He asks “Why?” repeatedly until he gets to the real root of a problem, challenge or opportunity. He approaches situations with an unbiased approach, and inspires teams by offering alternative perspectives that challenge the “truths” that we all develop over time as a result of experience.
  Stefan has worked closely with our sales and marketing team at Bio-Works over a 15 month period as an inspirational speaker and coach, helping us to find our inner sharks. Together, we have workshopped a number of ideas on how to identify, attract and retain new customers, and the results speak for themselves. (Just look at Bio-Works Investor Relations page to see our performance.) 
  I warmly recommend Stefan to any team looking to sharpen its commercial skills. If you cannot honestly answer the question “Are you a shark?” with a “Yes”, invite Stefan to a meeting and hear what he can offer.
CEO Jonathan Royce, Bio-Works