Lecture for young artist

Published by on februari 23, 2009 at 5:58 e m

Did hold an lecture yesterday for an young culture network, Afterwards I ask my self, why are culture attracting so many intellectual and talented people? Nothing wrong with that but at the same time I ask my self if the business world not are giving this talented people enough space as culture and art are offering them. The topic of this lecture, was smart marketing for culture. We where two speakers how got the smartest question on this earth (at least yesterday). I do have an background as a dancer so I think my lecture did make some sense. The other speaker did deliver really good points like this one:

People like to talk about what people talk about.
Tomas Bergkvist, Creative Director, Studio Total

In other words, that is why bloggers rule in the media landscape (media write about what bloggers blog about because this is what people talk about). Talk is cheap, use to be an expression – I don’t think it is cheap anymore – talk is big money (if you know how to make it spread).