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Saab needs to go outside the car-box-branding

Published by on november 26, 2009

Many critics say that Saab needs to redesign the car model to be more different. Yes, that’s true but more interesting; can branding knowledge be a part of product development? Why are brands interesting and products often boring? GM wants fast results, but redesigning takes time and is expensive. So let us look at ways for Saab to break the declining trend and sell more cars.

With your positive outlook on Saab challenges and thoughts on our importance for Sweden you also contributes in a good way.
Knut Simonsson, Executive Director, Global Marketing
Saab Automobile

Use the values in the Swedish nation brand: Sweden needs Saab as a potent symbol and without the original brands, Sweden would more or less be a blond brand marketed by Hollywood.
The concept of nations as brands has long been accepted. Saab is using values (ie, safety, environment, quality, etc) from the nation brand. How can Sweden as a brand and Saab work together? For instance, all Saab owners worldwide should visit Sweden on the same day as a PR marketing campaign. Wherever a Saab owner is in the world, he or she should have a connection to Sweden. Why not offer a promotional trip to Sweden for the first 50,000 new car buyers? Also offer a special trip to 20,000 recent buyers of the latest Saab model. Develop the PR and branding for the car by collaborating with famous Saab owners. For instance, Bjorn Borg could drive a Saab across Europe back home to Sweden. You can work globally with this Saab tour by using the local sales and marketing forces. What an adventure you could create for local Saab owners from UK, Spain, USA, etc — who can drive their Saab to Sweden?
How wild will the local press drive the Saab brand? Maybe some newspaper headlines will be “The Vikings are going back to Sweden, and their leader is Saab this time”. Get the salespeople to listen to the consumer buzz on the street level and incorporate it with the marketing.
If Tiger Woods is driving and playing golf on the way to Sweden, then support the golf target group with the same model in PR and marketing. To support the tour, there should be a campaign site,, on the internet where all the drivers can build a community. Every car should have a sticker with a unique number from 1-70,000. When people spot any of these cars on the street, they can go to the website and read about different family adventures, see photos, read their diary or send them questions about their car (this would make it easy for the press to follow the tour). Consumers can compete to win a brand new Saab by booking a free test drive on the internet.
If there is an average of three people in every of the 70,000 cars, the tour totals 210,000 Saab fans. If they use special printed postcards and community emails to send their stories from the trip to 20 friends, it will be about 4,200,000 people that will read and spread the word about the Saab story (why not send 10% of these to the CEOs of GM).
Every week there is a top 10 story list on the site for reporters and fans to read and spread. To support the storytelling from the contenders, they should produce specially made car accessories.
Swedish tourism would be delighted with 210,000 people visiting and spending money in the country. Moreover, there could be millions of future tourists inspired by the publicity of the tour. How strong will this consumption of Sweden make the Saab brand? The brand values hidden behind the scene, usually not visible for consumers, need to be made visible. When you give a car a deeper identity and history, its buyers are less likely to change brand. And, isn’t it true that most brands today within the car industry are considered “global brands”, with no deeper identity?
In addition to profit on the sales of cars connected to the tour, Saab will have a lot of opportunities to gain extra income and additional values. For example, the tour could be partly financed by partners with matching brands, interested in the publicity and context of the adventure.
Here are some questions to develop the adventure tour:
How can they not only finance the adventure, but also make a profit? How can every sale of a trip to Sweden also communicate an offer from Saab? What other opportunities do you see on this tour?
This is only one example of how a company could recreate an identity lost in globalization by using their roots. Selling 200,000 cars is now a problem outside the car-box.

Koenigsegg + SAAB = New car model

Published by on juni 14, 2009

When supercar maker Koenigsegg now are taken over once mighty SAAB. They need to get employs, consumers and the corporate culture into one thing, a new car model (in witch history and future will be included).
When a brand has got lost, it is often good to go back to its origins. I suggest that they produce the first car they ever made, the so-called “ur-Saab”, model 92001. According to my taste one of the most beautiful cars ever made, and unlike today’s SAAB cars, it is completely unique.

If they made it in a retro version environmentally-friendly motors and technology, it would easily fit in my garage, and most likely in those of the entire fan tribe that would then get something unique to unify itself around. They could easily build it with modern classical shapes from the Koenigsegg car. Then the employes and new and old customers can build fan tribes around the relationship, as between them in relation to the unique “Ur Saab” and Koenigsegg. It is the degree of uniqueness that determines how truly a brand is experienced.
If they would build this two cars into one and use input from their fan tribe they would sell more cars than they could produce.

Above partly from Stefan Engeseth new book: The Fall of PR & the Rise of Advertising. When quoting the book cite the source:

We can not make things up just because there happens to be a hype about something, it is always the customer value that is guiding us

Published by on april 1, 2017

We can not make things up just because there happens to be a hype about something, it is always the customer value that is guiding us.
CTO Ulf Södergren, ASSA ABLOY AB (quote with permission).

First copies of the printed Sharkonomics Vietnamese edition

Published by on mars 29, 2017

Got it in my postal mail today, the first copies of the printed Sharkonomics Vietnamese edition.

It looks and feels so great: It’s in so good quality that most sharks have to bite really hard to bite through the massive Sharkonomics Vietnamese edition.

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New post on the list: Pimp up Infinite for 25 Euro

Published by on oktober 23, 2008

A lot of brands are today creating their own media channel. A high prices car brand as Infinite are now building their brand by producing their own Infinite magazine that they call Adeyaka that also got an website connected to the message, on The magazine looks really good, like a design magazine, however the content is not as great as the layout. It is however a smart way to packed their brand into a position. In the magazine they compare them self with brands as AppleGoogle. I do understand their point, make a magazine in A3 and get other advertisers to pay parts of the cost of producing 200 pages of colors pages in luxury layout. Then to put a price on it and sell for 25 Euro and get consumers to pay for buying advertising is sort of the future. So fare so good, but wouldn’t it be better to do an car that have a personality and good looking that it would spread the world by being unique? Apple and Google are unique Infinite are not Infinite… so it puts money on making a brand around the car instead of being a brand that grows with the consumers. However they do a good job in finding potential consumers by spreading the magazine at hotels where the right consumers live (luxury design hotels etc). But still – SAAB is maybe not a extremely luxury car but it is unique (start key etc), so it connect with a consumers how feel for it and not only for the brand around the car, but even inside and outside the brand. That is how  an Infinite brand should become Infinite forever and only by pimp up the car for 25 Euro.


Published by on augusti 26, 2007


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