Opening Keynote at CEBIT and book launch of Sharkonomics’ German edition

Published by on juni 8, 2018 at 12:32 e m

I’m looking forward to holding an opening keynote speech on June 12 at CEBIT. Also great that my sharks will bite into the topic of digital transformation. My publisher in Germany, Midas Management, will be there and they have, together with CEBIT, arranged a book launch of Sharkonomics’ German edition (read sample, first 3 chapters).

CEBIT is the biggest tech seminar and fair in the world—a great start in Germany for Sharkonomics:

Digitization has given rise to a wave of innovative technologies that are bringing profound change to business and society. The digital transformation of business is now about much more than merely integrating mobile technologies and online shops into existing infrastructure. The key trends today are things like intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics. The CEBIT Digital Transformation Summit will look at these new trends and provide a platform where companies can share their experience and insights along the road to digital transformation.
CEBIT Digital Transformation Summit