ONE new idea for the world biggest flat screen

Published by on mars 28, 2006 at 9:34 f m

Today sells a lot of flat screens but they are all to expensive and small. Consumers do have to buy bigger and bigger to get a movie feeling. Why not make a solution that consumers can grow with? Lets look for ONE idea to solve the problem and fill your wall with a big flat screen.

Lego is easy to put together. Same thing could with “ONE flat screens”
that could have connections ONE every side
it will be an never-ending system.

You buy a screen and then you only put is together with the next you buy. This means that every ONE that produces the parts can work with delivering consumer value.

Some companies told me that this idea is too simple.. but still why is there nobody doing it? “it is so simple we cant protect it.” “How can we earn money on giving consumers, a solution with a freedom of choice?”

But the open source culture we live in today – that is totally wrong. Companies that want to move with the consumer power have to understand that if they give they get more in return. We need to work together like in the creation of Linux (that I hope will make computers soon). This ONE flat screens could easily be produced buy let say 10 producers like Samsung, NEC, LG (ore the ONEs that deliver to them). The screen could be made in a standard of 4 different sizes (ore in the beginning in ONE size). Then can be build on like a Lego on your whole wall ore maybe al the walls in your room?

What opportunities do you see for this ONE screen? Could it help
Sony monitors to have more than colour balls? The line is this simple
idea and illustration only there to show where a flat screen is from LG,
Samsung, and Sharp etc. They al come together as ONE for the consumer value.

Do consumers really need brands in this kind of solutions? Would it take the war industries ONE ore two weeks to fix the technology to make “the ONE flat screen” to work? Should you buy into it? How would it build word of mouth if your Kimpton Hotel room walls where build of flat screens? And if your neighbor where Ben & Jackie?