ONE lecture at The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI). It was hold yesterday in Mumbai, download it for Free!

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India is an incredible land full of incredible people. I had the opportunity to see most of them in the audience of AAAI yesterday. The audience consisted of 550 Indians. They were enormous enthusiastic about the ONE topic and the coming book. They where enthusiastic because of the fact that ONE is a solution for a big step that the evolution of advertising need to answer to:
The fact that consumers are saying NO to advertising. Millions of consumers are taking the matters into their own hands by literally turning off advertising. Digital technology such as Tivo is making it possible to remove commercials from the TV while similar technology is making progress removing advertising, pop-ups and spam on the web.
It is a problem that can be solve by an evolution step that is needed both from advertisers and consumers if they ever shall become ONE. That is the reason why the lecture was getting such a successful response.
The content of the lecture attracted a lot of media attention. I also got new requests about new lectures both through faxes and mails from companies and top Universities. I learned that word of mouth is incredible fast in India.
Update Nov 14: Media writing about the lecture and book:
Indian Television: Brands should involve, not hunt consumers
Exchange4media: Morning session stresses on the ‘Consumer Power’
Update Nov 23:
The Economic Times: Advertisers, agencies should become consumer centric
Impact: The Future of Advertising

Times Of India: The consumer train is powering ahea (pressindy.pdf)
Update Nov 25:

The ‘future of advertising’ is certainly vibrant and well with Stefan Engeseth´s ONE perceptive.
Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

Update Nov 29:
Brand Equity: Maverick At The Door