Old Management vs. New Management

Published by on mars 13, 2006 at 10:14 f m

ONE of the big problems with old Management is that it is done at the top of companies. Old MBA and old school titles are grounded on a market that today looks more like a museum than the reality of what a today’s market offers in opportunities. Old ore new management has nothing to do with the age of the persons it is more about the attitude to live and adapt to changes like the fact that the market has changed to be transparent.

Old management is worth gold,
but gold can be hard to find.

The development of new management is in the speed of light. In many ways it can be prepared with traditional IT workers vs. hackers. The search is never-ending. It can be compared to a computer virus that is constantly finding new ways to strike. When a hacker succeeds in getting past a large corporation’s security, it shows the power of searching. The person who searches is always one step ahead in adaptability, acquiring new knowledge and foreseeing events and openings. This is no glorification of hackers and the damage they cause, it is rather a way of emphasizing the strength of the searching process.
Begin the search process by asking yourself what information you need. Structure your work accordingly and evaluate regularly.
Old Management can get fresh when it works with the not to know people, like hackers they will the keep up with time when they do the trail and error (even a museum would be more interesting if the not al the people working there had the same “old is good” attitude).
How can the evaluation of management change and keep be updated (new values and results don’t shows in old evaluation models)?