Ola Ahlvarsson outstanding and kicking speaker at The Guldnyckeln Award

Published by on mars 23, 2012 at 3:49 e m

Yesterday I attended The Guldnyckeln Award arranged by SWEDMA (Swedish Direct Marketing Association). There where speakers coming all the way from Korea.

When speaker Ola Ahlvarsson came out on stage he showed a picture of himself competing in Kick-boxing, stating:

This is what I used to do – because it was so trilling! When I searched for things to work with in business world I found the Internet being as trilling to work with.

That is what I call an knockout opening. He use to be world champion in kick boxing and now he showed us that he is still kicking as a speaker and entrepreneur. His case in how technology will change everything at this seminar was so outstanding that it seemed to be more kick boxing than a normal power point. He was by far outstanding the best speaker of this years award. His strongest point in my opinion was that everything in the future will be direct marketing. After the wakeup call from the knockout, the lecture inspired a lot of discussions in the audience. To sum it up: Technology will make us reach each and one of us individually (like kick boxing).