New Laptop sock innovation!

Published by on april 3, 2007 at 10:51 f m

Summer means being outside with your laptop. It also means that the sun will dazzle into your laptop so you wont see less than a half email. I did find a lot of socks for my feet on Google. But why not make a sock that you put your lap top computer in? This new Laptop sock, should blocking the sun from coming in from the sides and let only clean air into the computer. It can also bee good to use in places as the airport for security reasons. The design of it can be exactions of the personality for the consumer using it. A way of showing your personality, it would also compensation for boring laptop design. It can tell something about your interest: Soccer team, sport, community and maybe show that you are a Second Life personality sitting here in Real Life. It could exclusively been sold in Second Life. Should this new Laptop sock be fore free, provided by sponsors?