Music industry: Passion, music ore criminal?

Published by on oktober 31, 2008 at 10:25 f m

When was the last time you did go to a shop and buy a CD? Well, time and behavior changes with the time. But the music industry doesn’t adapt and learn at the same level as consumer behavior changes. I do think it is because they are not driven by passion for what they deliver, music. Instead they have become extremely big and controlling the music industry. Artist has been paid what ever they like to pay them. But then came free music on Internet and changed everything. So know they say to the artist, we don’t earn any money on selling your records anymore, so you have to hold concerts. That make sense – you spread music cheap online and then collect profit by meeting your fans live. So fare so good.
But here comes the criminal level of doing business. Fans, consumers and media are starting to get suspicious. Why, because when bands as Metallica, AC/DC are playing live al the tickets is sold out before they start to sell them. In Sweden we have Ticnet that and internationally we have Live Nation working with organization sells of tickets.
Here is a scenario of what could be the criminal case of what’s happening: Artist love to play live and meet their fans. They get explain that they will earn their living by playing live so they sign a contract to travel around the world. Lets say they get 10% of every ticket that are sold for 60 Euro. But the tickets are being sold secondly for 400-2000 Euro. They are sold at different sites days before release date. Lets say the tickets are being sold by music industry x to their “not official company.” The effect is that the artists fans cant afford to the tickets and only gets paid 0,000000? % of the ticket sells this is not motivating them to perform the best. Concerts without real fans will become boring with out fans with passion for the music, so by ones again focusing on money they will lose again.
To say that the music industry is criminal would be stupid (and expansive to say on my own blog). So lets say this, a lot of traditional business are having panic over that money is not coming in to their expansive organization, so they more ore less move in the shadows of what use to bee called criminal business – even the prison business are doing so.
I have to say that this not an accusation ore me saying that they are doing criminal business, it is only me putting different Lego part together to understand what is ore could happened – when old business are having panic when time changes everything.