Merca2.0 writes about the fall of PR

Published by on oktober 8, 2009 at 4:23 e m

Here is a new full page about my latest book in a well respected magazine in Mexico Merca2.0. Download it here as a PDF (translation). In Mexico the PR industry is positive to the content of my new book but in Sweden there is a divided debate going on which is growing bigger each day.  Here is one of the latest debate articles: “Vad är pr, Stefan Engeseth?” (translation). I do understand that my book title is a little proactive for the PR industry: ”The Fall of PR and the Rise of Advertising.”
But Swedes are extremely innovative so I think this hot debate will lead us into a lot of positive changes (some of those who earn big money today might be in panic, but that is normal when change arrives). Future is however based on tomorrow and not history! In other words marketing and the business models of today is turning upside down.