MarkIT Expo and SIME 06 & 100 millions in cash

Published by on november 24, 2006 at 12:09 e m

Did hold a lecture this week for Association of Swedish Advertisers at the Internet MarkIT Expo. My books sold out direct and the interest for the ONE book in the IT community seams bigger than I understand. Another two day event for Internet in Stockholm that did end yesterday was the SIME 06. A good conference with leaders from the Internet tribe in Europe as the chief Ola Ahlvarsson and Andreas Weigend (ex. Chief Scientist of Some of the big point at this conference was that the most important point in making success on Internet is consumer input. Another point that the kid’s panel gave was that it is only grownups and teachers are using email.
This morning on the news did the Swedish Government say that they are planning of supporting woman to start companies with 100 millions (Swedish cash). That could mean a lot to the IT community – that do need more female entrepreneurs and thinking (and speakers at conferences).