Mail filters are stopping unhappy costumers

Published by on oktober 3, 2006 at 10:10 f m

Companies now have so effective mail filter for blocking spam, the sad thing is that they use them to block unhappy costumers. When I should email the first chapter of my ONE book, I did get this respond: MailMarshal (an automated content monitoring gateway) has stopped the following email for the following reason: It believes it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material.”
Also the receiver got a message that this could not be business related for it contains the word “hate.” When has not LOVE and HATE been close? For me it sounds like a joke: “Hey how can we stop al this unhappy costumers that hate our brand x? Lets put up an mail filter that work lock them out from our life!”

Companies are using mail filters as Prozac

It is not the software that is wrong it is the genius that put in rules for words that unhappy costumers use like: Hate etc… This will only create a “Prozac reality” inside the company. BUT reality bites hard.