Madonna DNA on here next CD? And your DNA on a blog?

Published by on juli 17, 2006 at 9:42 f m

After the writing about what I call Madonna Management, I can’t stop thinking of what Madonna is going to do next. ONE think that I guess she will be the first to do is spreading here talented DNA on here next CD. Did not now if that is something that is possible – then yesterday I meet Anna how is an expert and working with human DNA in Norway. Anna explained that it is possible to put in ONE a CD but it is going to be a lot of information. I hope Madonna would do this so other artist in the future can not only sample here music, but also here magic DNA into their music and art.
When are we going to see your DNA on your ore this blog? Can the DNA in the future blog to each other? Is DNA going to be building like Linux software? Is DNA only a different version of music notes? Is this question to fare out in the summer time?

The image is from the Biomolecules Gallery. Maybe Madonna can workout a deal with them for the cover design of here next CD?