Made in stupidity by Sony

Published by on oktober 17, 2007 at 7:22 f m

Right now I am looking for buying a flat screen television. The process to find the right one to buy is like fishing. I do like the brand Sony but I do only think they are doing everything wrong. I have being reading the Sony founder Akio Morita book “Made in Japan,” in other words did like the brand. Back to the fishing: I am looking for quality and Sony is a quality brand. Yesterday did I read their advertising and then when I got to the shop it is not the same flat screen as in the ads. Instead it is sort of half the quality. They do this so they will get more costumers to the shop. The demand for flat screens televisions is so hot that anything will sell (they do sell a lot). But for me it is like selling quality with low price and bad quality. They even sometimes put in an ad for an product that is new in the ad and website but when going to the shop it is at least a 2 years old model with an outgoing technology. I do hope this way of killing the Sony brand is local, ore else some have to write the book “made in stupidity by Sony.” It is sad with a brand that does strong advertising and got a good history. For me it means I have to throw back a bad fish and continuing fishing for new brands.