Love and hate brands that can become hated ore loved

Published by on maj 13, 2006 at 12:12 e m

Love and hate comes close, and never before in time could consumer change whom they love and hate with a little help from interet.

Love and hate is a close line

Here is my top 5 list of brands that consumers “love:”
1. Apple
2. Nokia
3. Sony
4. Toyota
5. Replay

But the above brands could easily become hated if they don’t let their consumer’s passion into their brands. Apple is in the biggest risk for passionate fans can easily and fast become anit-fans.

Brands that consumers “love to hate”, here is my top 5 list (they need to listen ore they will could disappear):
1. Microsoft
3. McDonald’s
4. Proton
5. Apple

Microsoft did not listen, now they have to pay big money to get where Google are (but wouldn’t it easier to listen?). Some how hate Apple still love the iPod.

Here is one example of a brand that have gone over the line from love to hate:

1. FedEx

The reason is simple; if you don’t listen the gap is getting bigger for every second. FedEx did go into the David and Goliath story in how to make a brand unpopular.

Here are some brands that have become loved because of that they listen and become ONE with there consumers:

1. Harley Davidson
2. eBuy
4. Amazon
5. Skype

The ONEes that listen and learn develop and grow, others have to pay the price and learn the hard way like Microsoft.

How do you love? Hate? And Love to hate?