Losers, don’t lose to win

Published by on augusti 24, 2006 at 9:45 f m

One place where they now how to inspire new consumers is in Las Vegas. Rumor says that they let them win so they can’t resist the game of consuming “the game of losing.” Same thing is for other consumers but they never got the start of winning as does in Las Vegas.

It as sounds cynical but the devil listen to results even if they are good.

Companies like GM, Boeing will let consumers win more to interact, when they see the connection to profit and evolution of their business offer. I think they will let this winning model grow so far that it will be hard for others to see where the line is for employees and consumers. But how does really need that line, if it’s not a smile?
So what can you do to make consumers start wining? Can you play the players game as a consumer and win the consuming game?