“Levis YOU” – New jeans that exploding with your creativity

Published by on oktober 24, 2005 at 9:31 f m

The jeans market is continues to grow with even more styles and colors. When I talk with the sales people in clothing stores they say that the variety of jeans is directly related to consumer demand.
Years ago, Levi’s made jeans so popular that they even made the cover of a Bruce Springsteen album. But today the product is more ‘undercover’ than ‘on the’ cover.
There are so many jeans on the market today – a challenge that great advertising can not meet alone. Companies who produce jeans are faced with the task of making their jeans stick out. Here is ONE idea of how they can work with consumers:

Why not offer jeans’ consumers a sewing machine and some paint in the stores?

Why haven’t the producers of the sewing machine and cloth paint colors tapped into the jeans trend? Consumers of today want to be individuals and not have the same pair of jeans as others have – meaning the market is open to colorfulness and personification.

Levis could tap into the individual trend by designing their ONE version of a sewing machine which doesn’t look like it belonged to someone’s grandmother. This new machine could not only sew but also add paint colors. It could be connected to their site and MTV for new patterns (you see a music video and it simultaneously produces the jeans in the video.)
When you upload your own jeans design to MTV, maybe the next time they show the same music video, Bono in U2 could wear them. This added-value would increase their bottom line and give them a direct connection with their consumers. It would also bring about a competition where they could find talented, new designers when they upload their creation.

To inspire new patterns, this new sewing machine could also be connected to maps at Google, so you can use your ONE street map as a jeans design (then you could find your way home). What map would you use on your jeans as a design?

Is there a market for daily messages to put on the jeans like, “I’m single today and my mobile number is this 0771-54 45 48” or “I feel like dancing today with you” and so on. How would your jeans look if you became the designer? Why not start to create your ONE collection of jeans today?
When consumers start doing parts of products by themselves, would that fit into Levis ethical image? How can “do-it-yourself” be a trend to balance the feeling of guilt that “Made in poor country” gives consumers? Which other products will tap in to this trend?