Knowledge makes us humble

Published by on januari 24, 2006 at 4:03 e m

For a week this words “knowledge makes us humble” has been growing in my mind. Then an evening in London last week I was out with my friends Roland and George. We went to a new place cold The Living Room W1 (a good name for a good place). George told me that they now are playing live music (I thought he was joking, it sounded to good). Turned around to see and enjoy this great musician:

In the break I told him, you are really good, and every time he responded “do you really think so?” When I asked if he had any album coming out ore a website so we can here him again he responded, “Just type my name in Google.” So here is it is “Tommy Blaize” in Google (you will find he been playing with artist like Tina Turner and Craig David, but he did not tell).

Music operates in a higher form of mindset

This humble musician was honest humble for he got the knowledge to focus on us as consumer so we could discover his great music. In the end of his gig he did write down names and addresses in London where we could here more great musicians. Tommy was truly ONE with his music and audience so he did not need to focus the joy we where sharing on anybody’s ego. He was showing us in a nice way what the words “knowledge makes us humble” really mean. It would be interesting to see a company using this statement. That anit-ego attitude would make consumer listen more to their music and massages.
Do companies that are humble listen more? Is there a difference in new and old companies in the humble level?